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Swiss Federation Bans Use of Draw Reins in 2016 – Horse Collaborative

The Swiss Equestrian Federation has moved to ban the use of draw reins at horse shows in 2016. Previously, draw reins were permitted in the warm-up ring (until a rider starts to school over fences) and in the award ceremony. Effective January 1, 2016, the reins will be prohibited on show grounds altogether. Why the ban? The short answer: Facebook. Social media posts showing horses restrained using draw lines have raised concerns among horse people and enthusiasts alike over the ethical use of horses in elite sport. ©Swiss Equestrian Federation Even images of the draw reins used correctly are perceived by untrained observers as a horse under duress, reasoned the Federation. Here’s the explanation, according to our in-house translator—Google: “An image suggesting coercion and violence sends the wrong message and undermines the reputation of equestrian sports. If we do not fight this by all means, a complete ban on equestrian sports could result sooner or later. The entire Swiss equestrian world is responsible and is called to commit themselves to the welfare of the horses and for the protection and reputation of equestrian sports. The draw rein ban is just the latest in horse welfare legislation in Switzerland. The Swiss Federation previously banned Rolkur in 2014, as well as trimming of a […]

Source: Swiss Federation Bans Use of Draw Reins in 2016 – Horse Collaborative

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