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The dawn chorus on Radio 100,7 this Sunday from 6 am-7 am

The dawn chorus is the collective sound of all birds that sing at dawn, usually referring to those sounds made during the breeding season (for most birds, from late March to early July). Each habitat has its own distinctive “chorus members”.
With some rare exceptions, bird song is an activity strictly limited to spring and early summer. To human ears, it may just sound like beautiful music, but to birds it is something quite different. It is a way for rival males to resolve conflicts, establish territory and attract mates.
For many years, the live dawn chorus broadcast each May by Euroradio Member RTÉ, hosted by Derek Mooney, has been a muchloved staple, attracting a wide range of enthusiastic Irish radio listeners at a time of day when most people would still be in bed.
This year, at the initiative of RTÉ, this annual springtime phenomenon is being made available for broadcast by all EBU Members. Members may also participate by providing a live link from a selected venue, with ornithologists on hand to comment on the songs being heard. As it moves from east to west with the rising sun, the dawn chorus represents a genuine link among all Europeans, transcending national borders and cultures.
Derek Mooney, Executive Producer of Nature Programmes at RTÉ, says: “There is indeed something very special about the dawn chorus. It is ideally suited to radio: indeed, it’s hard to think of anything that is a more natural fit. We think it’s high time that radio listeners in other countries should have the chance to enjoy this amazing connection with the natural world.”

Saturday, 30 April, 23.00 GMT

Sunday, 1 May, 5.00 GMT

Year of production
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Executive Producer
Derek Mooney (RTÉ)
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RTÉ, BBC, NRK, NPO, Radio Moscow (Russia)

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