European Maritime Day (5.5.2015)

On May, 5, the Luxembourg Maritime Cluster invited to a conference at Utopolis on the subject ‘Fighting the ocean plastic pollution’, followed by the premiere of the movie ‘The 7th continent expedition’, in presence of the Luxembourg Minister for the Environment, Carole Dieschbourg (the only European Environment Minister coming from an ecological party!) The participants

09 May 2015

UN: Food and nutrition in numbers 2014

Le Luxembourg se trouve au premier rang dans le monde en ce qui concerne la consommation de viande, selon le dernier rapport ‘Food and nutrition in numbers’ des Nations Unies. (Il est toutefois à noter que la consommation de viande par les frontaliers y est incluse.) Selon des informations parvenant de la marque nationale, avec une

17 Feb 2015

Dogs can discriminate emotions in human faces (and want you to be happy)

A team of cognitive scientists at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna has demonstrated for the first time that dogs can differentiate between happy and angry human faces, as they confirm in a press release. Dogs may have developed this skill due to their close relationship with people, in which the animals have learned to

12 Feb 2015

Video: Why we love dogs, eat pigs, and wear cows

Melanie Joy, Ph.D., professor of psychology and sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, talks about carnism at TEDxMunich. She explains why we eat certain animals and not others and gives practical advice on how to contribute to the paradigm shift. It’s a great presentation – have a look at it (lenght 18′)! There is

11 Feb 2015

Luxemburg: natur&ëmwelt begrüßt Aufhebung der Fuchsbejagung

Der Regierungsrat vom 16. Januar 2015 verabschiedete eine großherzogliche Verordnung (projet de règlement grand-ducal concernant l’ouverture de la chasse pour l’année cynégétique 2015/16), welche die Fuchsjagd in Luxemburg komplett verbietet und  für Wildschweine ein  sechswöchiges Jagdverbot in Waldgebietenwährend der Monate März und April vorsieht. Die Vertreter von natur&ëmwelt, die größte Naturschutzorganisation Luxemburgs, hatten sich laut einer

10 Feb 2015

Les animaux enfin reconnus comme êtres sensibles en France!

Les animaux reconnus comme « êtres sensibles », un pas « totalement symbolique ». Le Monde.

30 Jan 2015

The surprising reason why the animal rights movement is failing…

…lies in the so-called terror management theory! Read on here: The surprising reason why the animal rights movement is failing.

23 Dec 2014
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